Ways to Get a Cat to Eat Slower

Do you need ways to get a cat to eat slower? The problem isn’t limited to dogs. Maybe kitty isn’t chewing her food at all. It could be a dental health issue, intestinal parasites causing ravenous hunger, or it could be psychological or a behavioral issue. It’s up to you and your veterinarian to figure out the cause. Either way, it’s important to stop the cat from eating too fast. It isn’t good for digestion. They may throw up more often when food isn’t fully chewed. It also compounds dental issues because tartar isn’t removed. Cats are more independent and far more stubborn than dogs, but you can stop a cat from gulping food.

If Fast Eating Isn’t Caused by Medical Problems

If you know for certain that your cat is worm-free and not suffering from oral health issues, consider the other pets and small kids in the home. Does your cat have to compete for food? Does she feel pressured to eat quickly? Is she bothered while eating? If your cat eats too fast she may trying to avoid other animals or children. The pets may never fight over food, but kitty might feel the need to eat faster to avoid problems.

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Ways to Get a Cat to Eat Slower by Breaking the Bad Habit

After learning some of the main reasons why cats eat too fast, it’s important to find a solution as quickly as possible. It just isn’t healthy, even if the problem isn’t health-related. Try an anti-gulping bowl. It offers one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a cat to eat slower. It’s a simple and low-cost solution.

How Does an Anti-Gulping Bowl Work?

Anti-gulping bowls are designed to stop dogs and cats from eating too fast. They have nubs that make it harder to pick up kibble. If only they made these for people! They have to work around the protrusions. When shopping for an anti-gulping bowl for a cat, look for one with closer nubs since cat kibble is typically smaller than dry dog chow.

Selecting the Best Location for Cats to Eat

While seeking ways to get a cat to eat slower, consider the feeding location. If you think that kitty feels even a little bit intimidated, move the bowl to another dining area. Select a spot where she won’t be bothered by kids or other pets. Give her a comfortable place to eat where she can relax and eat in peace. A roomy platform at the top of a carpeted cat tree is a phenomenal location. It can be her place to eat, sleep, play, sharpen her claws, and watch the world go by.


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