Ways to Keep Outdoor Cats Warm

Need ways to keep outdoor cats warm? You have a good heart. Countless kitties don’t have comfortable homes. Those that do don’t know how great they have it, but we as humans have the capability to help the less fortunate. It’s important to provide insulated houses for outdoor cats, especially in areas with harsh winters.

Imagine what it would feel like if you didn’t have a place to escape the cold.

Consider the following ways to help outdoor cats in the winter. Providing food and water is a good start, but it isn’t enough. Even though they have fur coats they can still suffer from frostbite and other cold-related problems if shelter can’t be found.

Recommended Houses for Outdoor Cats –

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A cardboard box isn’t an ideal shelter for an outdoor cat, even if you cover it with a plastic tarp. Wind and weather will be a problem. No matter what you choose it must be made from solid waterproof materials, and it must be properly insulated.

When seeking ways to keep outdoor cats warm consider a waterproof insulated cat house.

If you need a warm house for a feral cat select a feral cat house with two doors. Why does it have two doors?

Many feral cats won’t enter an enclosure with only one exit. If you’re providing shelter for a porch cat the Kitty Tube below is ideal. It’s a warm winter house and a cool summer enclosure. It’s a great year-round shelter for an outdoor cat.

Take a Look at the Details and Features of the Kitty Tube

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Other Ideas for Easy DIY Outdoor Cat Houses –

Ways to Keep Outdoor Cats Warm

How to Make a Plastic Cooler Cat House – Another option for making a DIY outdoor cat house requires a big insulated cooler. It doesn’t make sense to buy one new. Hopefully, you have one lying around. How would that work?

You can buy cat doors to fit coolers and other DIY cat houses. They’re not just for your entryway doors. Cut the opening(s) with a jigsaw or an oscillating tool. If the thickness doesn’t match perfectly simply fill in the gaps with outdoor caulking. It’s one of the best DIY ways to keep outdoor cats warm since it’s already insulated, weatherproof, and doesn’t require building skills.

How to Make a Plastic Tote Cat House – If you don’t have an old ice chest consider using a big plastic lidded tote to make a DIY outdoor cat house. Insulate it using the Styrofoam insulated sheets listed below. It’s a cheap solution when seeking ways to keep outdoor cats warm. It doesn’t require building skills either, but it requires lots of cutting. Mark the door opening with a fine-tip permanent marker, and use a sharp utility knife if the plastic isn’t brittle. If it is the brittle type you’ll have to use a hot knife to prevent it from cracking. Alternately you can heat up a utility knife blade by holding it in a candle flame, but it’s much more time-consuming.

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How to Make a Styrofoam Cooler Cat House – When seeking ideas for a DIY outdoor cat house, consider using a large Styrofoam cooler. They’re difficult to find in retail stores in the cooler months, but they’re readily available online. However, you may suffer from sticker shock. Just because they’re made of foam doesn’t mean they’re cheap. That’s why it’s wise to go with a Kitty Tube ready-made cat house instead of anything DIY. It will outlast Styrofoam or a plastic bin. Also, with foam, you’ll have to use anchors to keep it from blowing away.

Ways to Keep Outdoor Cats Warm: Insulation Options –

If you don’t want to buy a ready-made outdoor cat house, keep in mind that you also must add insulation or it won’t be warm enough, even with straw or some other bedding. Styrofoam insulation sheets can be trimmed and made to fit the interior of any DIY weatherproof cat house. Need glue to attach Styrofoam to wood? Some adhesives cause the foam to deteriorate while others just don’t work. Without glue, it won’t stay in place unless it’s a very tight fit. Use UHU Por Adhesive for the best results.

Bedding for an Outdoor Cat House –

You may be tempted to put a warm fluffy blanket in your outdoor cat house, but it isn’t a good idea. The material will get wet, even if the house has a door flap simply because the kitty’s feet and fur will be wet at times. Damp material is uncomfortable and could cause hypothermia. When seeking effective ways to keep outdoor cats warm use natural bedding. Straw or hay are both good options, but they’re mostly sold by the bale.

Consider using wood shavings, but don’t use pine or cedar. They contain oils that could cause respiratory problems. What you can safely use are natural aspen shavings. They’re super cheap, clean, and easy to change. They’re comfy too! Pack the outdoor cat house with aspen shavings, straw, or hay, and push it toward the sides and the floor to create a warm and comfy nest for kitty.



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