Ways to Stop a Cat from Scratching Wall Corners

If you need ways to stop a cat from scratching wall corners, you’re not alone. Kitties with claws sharpen their nails all over the house. It’s a common problem for indoor cat owners. They destroy everything from sofas to woodwork around windows, walls, and doors. Wood trim is purrfect for sharpening claws, but they also use drywall. The corner is just the right shape and size for stretching and honing dull nails. You have to find ways to stop the cat from sharpening claws on walls, furniture, and other belongings to prevent serious and unsightly damage. Do nothing and they will be ruined.

Cats Hate This Natural Scent!

Do you want natural ways to stop a cat from scratching wall corners? Try a light misting of unsweetened lemon juice. It’s a natural cat deterrent. If you’re worried about the paint and woodwork, test it in an inconspicuous area. Keep in mind that kitty will find other corners to scratch. Watch where he goes after treating his preferred spot. You’re going to have to treat multiple areas throughout the home.

How to Prevent Damage to Drywall Corners

If you don’t want to spray wall corners with spray cat deterrent, consider protecting drywall corners with Cat Scratch Shields. They’re also great for protecting furniture corners from claw sharpening cats. They attach securely with small pins instead of adhesive that could cause damage when removed. The holes are tiny and easy to fill should you ever decide to remove them, but why would you want to? They offer one of the most effective ways to stop a cat from scratching wall corners. You might want to get them to cover and protect furniture corners too.

Cover Wall Corners with Cat Scratcher Mats

“PerView It – Per Sisal Wall Saver Corner Cat Scratcher Mat Scratch Pad, 4 Color Available (Graywhite)

Other Ways to Stop a Cat from Scratching Wall Corners and Furniture

In addition to corner protectors, you need to provide scratching posts and scratching pads throughout the home. You won’t be able to completely break kitty of his clawing habit. It’s natural for cats to keep their nails sharp and in top condition. Even cats without claws go through the motion. It takes work, time, and determination, but you can train a cat not to scratch on walls, furniture, and other off-limit surfaces. They understand far more than people realize!


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