Ways to Keep a Dog from Eating Cat Food

Do you need effective ways to keep a dog from eating cat food? After all, you can reason with animals. You can’t explain that it’s not for them. If it smells good, they eat it. They don’t read signs or labels either. They don’t know cat kibble from schmibble. All that you can do is find ways to make it inaccessible. If you can’t put it up and out of reach, consider the following ways to stop dogs from eating cat chow. It’s a common problem that many pet owners face. Thankfully there are good solutions for keeping the food separate in multi-pet households.

I Kept My Cat’s Food on Top of My Dog’s Crate

If your dog is small to medium-sized, you can probably put the cat’s food up and out of reach. I kept my kitty’s bowl on top of my dog’s crate. The doggy couldn’t reach, and my cat didn’t mind jumping up to eat. That wouldn’t work with larger canines, and putting feeding dishes on a countertop encourages bad behavior. You’ll start finding teeth marks in your food. Kitty will help himself to human food anytime it’s out!

Allowing felines on kitchen countertops and other off-limit human places will start a problem that will be hard to break. After all, cats dig in their litterbox. Their paws aren’t sanitary, but it’s not their fault. Cats shouldn’t walk on tables, countertops, and other places that are used for human food preparation and dining. It’s just not clean.

An Effective Way to Keep a Dog Out of the Cat’s Food

Felines Only - the Purrrfect Cat Dish - Veterinarian Designed Cat Feeding Bowl that Keeps Dogs Out of the Cat Food

View it at AmazonFelines Only – the Purrrfect Cat Dish – Veterinarian Designed Cat Feeding Bowl that Keeps Dogs Out of the Cat Food

Why a Dog-Proof Cat Dish is Best

I had a Cedar Dog-Proof Cat Feeder that was a stylish and sturdy furnishing. I thought it was the answer, and I spent a lot of money. It was made from solid cedar that was coated with clear penetrating sealer. It was more than just a place to cleverly stow away bowls of kitty food. It had a comfy fabric-covered cat bed at the base. It actually served triple duty, but it wasn’t the best choice.

It took up lots of space, and it was a pain to move.¬†The unit weighed approximately 70 pounds! Yes, it was one of the most effective ways to keep a dog from eating cat food, but it wasn’t practical. It didn’t match the style of my kitchen either. That’s why I ultimately went with the Felines Only dish posted above. It doesn’t take up any more space than an ordinary cat dish, and it works like a charm to keep the dog out.


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