Ways to Keep a Small Arthritic Dog Warm Indoors

Do you need to know how to keep a small arthritic dog warm indoors? Older dogs often begin feeling the cold like elderly human beings. It aggravates arthritis, hip dysplasia and other painful bone and joint conditions, and it just isn’t comfortable.

Imagine what it would be like to feel cold most of the time. It’s torture for animals as well as people, especially while trying to sleep. Shaking and shivering is tortuous!

Consider the following ways to make an older dog warmer in the house during the winter months. Even the thickest fur isn’t always enough. Dogs provide unconditional love, and we should do all that we can to improve their last years.

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It’s Colder and Draftier Near the Floor –

It might seem warm enough to you, but our pets are much closer to the floor. They feel all of the drafts, and the pads of their feet are bare. It’s particularly cool when you’re only a foot tall. Imagine how it would feel, especially in the winter. It can be a lot chillier for smaller animals than it is for humans.

Consider bumping up the thermostat a degree or two, and block drafts beneath doors. Even a slight change can make a difference. It won’t cost much more to keep the house just a little bit warmer. Your dog will appreciate it.

Dogs Deserve Warm and Comfy Beds –

Your doggy’s bed might seem comfy and warm, but if it’s on the floor, he or she is likely cold. Some smaller dogs appreciate being covered but they don’t stay that way.

The best solution is a self-warming mat. It works with the pet’s natural body heat, and it doesn’t plug-in or use batteries. It doesn’t pose a danger. It has a unique heat reflecting layer that provides the perfect level of warmth.

Now that you have effective ways to keep a small arthritic dog warm indoors, consider one more. They aren’t in bed all of the time. Have you considered a sweater for an older dog?

Just because he or she has never worn a small dog sweater doesn’t mean that you can’t give it a try. When canines are cold they welcome an extra layer of warmth.

It’s a Good Way to Keep a Dog with Joint Pain Warm –

My older Shih-Tzu loves his. Even though he can be a bit grumpy when it comes to grooming, he willingly allows me to put his sweater on. I start by putting his head through the opening, and I gently pull one leg through at a time.

It’s not difficult, and he looks very handsome. He knows it too! Sweaters are a good way to keep an elderly Shih-Tzu warm. They’re great for all breeds with joint pain, even those with a lot more fur.


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  • January 5, 2016 at 3:02 PM

    I keep sweaters or outfits on my dogs in the winter time. Especially my Chihuahua because he gets cold a lot. Each of my dogs have a bed in their cage. My Chihuahua will lay in his when he doesn’t have a lap to lay on. My Chug only uses his when he is placed in his crate. Which rarely happens.

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