Ways to Stop Dogs from Scooting on Carpets

Do you need ways to stop dogs from scooting on carpets? When a pup raises both back legs and supports his body with his front legs, he isn’t getting ready to do L-seat strength training. You can bet he’s going to start butt scooting. Dogs do it for various reasons. Although it looks silly it isn’t cute. It makes carpets and furniture smelly and dirty. Don’t punish him. He isn’t doing it for fun. Besides chewing and biting, it’s the only way to reach that part of his anatomy. He’s desperately trying to cure the discomfort. You need to figure out why the dog is butt scooting to begin with. It could be an isolated incident or a reaction to something more serious.

Reasons Why Dogs Do the Butt Scootin’ Boogie

Is butt scooting in dogs normal? It is to a point. After all, canines don’t have hands. It could be nothing more than a simple itch. Everyone has an itchy butt now and then! However, if the dog is dragging his rear across the floor or furnishings multiple times a day, he’s trying to solve a more serious problem. A dog scoots on floors for a number of reasons.

It could be as simple as an itchy rear end. Maybe he has razor burn after a recent trip to the groomer. In that case, a bit of cornstarch will soothe the itch. If that isn’t a possibility, he could have impacted anal glands or parasites. When he’s scooting more often than usual, take him to the vet for a check-up. It’s best to rule out medical problems when a dog is scooting his butt a lot, but anal glad support supplements also help.

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One of the Best Ways to Stop Dogs from Scooting on Carpets…

If the dog’s anal glands have been expressed and medical causes have been ruled out, an ongoing butt scooting problem could be diet-related. Bulky harder stools can help to keep his anal glands naturally healthy. It’s best if they’re expressed naturally through regular bowel movements rather than manual expression.

These soft chews contain probiotics and fiber. When seeking ways to stop dogs from scooting on carpets these are highly effective. They contain natural ingredients and are flavored with peanut butter. Although they’re are supplements to keep anal glands healthy, they’re also a tasty treat. My shih-tzu loves them. The number they need per day depends on their weight. Take a closer look for more details and a complete ingredient list.

Help! My Dog’s Butt Stinks Too!

If your dog’s butt smells fishy or abnormally smelly, it may also point to an anal gland issue. The soft chews posted above have made a big difference. Anal Gland Wipes are also extremely helpful! They’re far better than baby wipes since they’re made especially for dogs with smelly anal gland problems. Many groomers and vets use these wipes after expressing anal glands. They’re great for dogs with stinky butts. They’re worth checking out, especially when looking for ways to stop dogs from scooting on carpets.



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