Weatherproof Cat House for Winter

Do you need a weatherproof cat house for winter? Maybe you have an outside kitty or two, or maybe you want to provide feral animals with a warm and dry place to sleep. Every living creature needs more than just a roof over their head. They need a safe place to stay comfortable and dry, and these are sturdy houses for outdoor cats. They’re ideal for spring, summer, winter, and fall. They can be lined with straw or washable bedding. They’re pretty darn stylish too!

The Cats at Buckley Homestead in Lowell Indiana

Speaking of outdoor cats, I just returned from feeding the cats at Buckley Homestead in Lowell Indiana. It’s about seven or eight miles from home. I take food down there when I have extra on hand. My cats certainly won’t miss it. They don’t know how good they have it. If they only knew.

The cats at Buckley need veterinary care, but I’m not financially able to do that. All I can do is provide food and a little human love now and then. I’m sure that others visit them too. I see the empty food containers in a trashcan. Thank goodness for kind-hearted people. I’d hate to think of those cats going hungry. At least, they have shelter too.

Some stray and feral cats don’t even have a roof over their head. That’s why I started thinking about weatherproof cat houses for winter. I don’t have strays or outdoor kitties on my property right now, but I have in the past. If I did I would provide them with a warm and comfortable home of their own. A weatherproof cat house for winter would seem like a mansion to a cat that doesn’t otherwise have a place to get warm.

Kitty Tube The Gen 3 Outdoor Insulated Cat House - Feral Option with Straw

View it at AmazonKitty Tube The Gen 3 Outdoor Insulated Cat House – Feral Option with Straw

Outdoor Insulated Cat House

One of the most popular outdoor cat houses is the Kitty Tube Generation 3 Outdoor Insulated Cat House – Feral Option with Straw. It comes with a generous amount of bulk straw. That way you don’t have to try and locate a bale. Either way, it claims to be the highest quality and the best insulated cat house on the market right now. I don’t like to claim that something is ‘the best’. I’d rather say that something is one of the best, and if I’ve actually used it I’ll mention that I think it’s the best in comparison to others I’ve tried – if it truly is. After reading the details and features of what I consider the best insulated cat house you can decide for yourself. It accommodates up to three cats, and it’s made in the USA.

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Multi-Kitty A-Frame Chocolate 35

View it at AmazonK&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Multi-Kitty A-Frame Chocolate 35″ x 20.5″ x 20″ 40W

Another High-Quality Weatherproof Cat House for Outdoors

I found another weatherproof cat house for outdoors, and I like this one as well. I love the fact that it’s a heated cat house, and the shape is ideal for outdoor use. Snow and ice can’t collect on top since it’s triangular in shape, at least not nearly as easily. It also has two exits. That’s important if you’re worried about predators. That way the cat can’t become trapped. The heater only uses 40 watts, but it works exceptionally well to keep the occupant(s) warm and comfortable on the coldest days and nights. It claims to accommodate up to four kitties. It’s safe to leave it plugged in all fall and winter long. It’s another fantastic four-season outdoor house for feral cats and outside kitties.


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      @andriaperry – I wish I could help them all. My kitties don’t realize how lucky they are. The ones at the farm are sickly. I wish I was rich. I’d take all of them to the vet for help.

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