Where to Enter Amazon Giveaways

Where to Enter Amazon Giveaways

Are you wondering where to enter Amazon Giveaways? I’ve been winning for months. I have a favorite place to enter thanks to a comment on one of my other blogs. It makes it easier to differentiate between those I’ve entered and those that are too new or too difficult to possibly win. I know that it’s mostly luck, but a small percentage is skill. It’s all in the timing when odds are based on the entrant number. It’s still a guess no matter how much you know about timing and odds, but you’ll have better luck if you don’t jump too soon. You’ll learn tips on winning Amazon Giveaways as you enter more contests. I’ve won 32 prizes so far (more since I wrote this). You can do it too!

Where to Enter Amazon Giveaways –

I’ve tried a couple of popular Amazon Giveaway lists, but I’ve narrowed it down to just one. The others post contests out of order, meaning I had to continuously check the entire page. Some are also incomplete and don’t post them right away. My favorite site has extremely helpful filters for setting specific parameters. You can also tell at a glance if every entry is eligible or if it’s one of those numbered wins – meaning the 2,000th, etc.

*Update: My favorite place to enter Amazon Giveaways made a significant change to their preferences filter. They added a way to weed out high entry contests that won’t last long enough for anyone to win. Now you can easily eliminate them from your list. You can also exclude certain words to block specific hosts and products.

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Some of the Prizes I’ve Won

Link to Enter Amazon Giveaways
Follow the photo for the entire list of prizes I’ve won so far. You can do it too!


I appreciate how the most recent contests are listed at the top and entry details are visible before clicking. Knowing whether or not every entry is eligible to win saves a lot of time and confusion. You’ll see what I mean after you start playing. You’ll also figure out the best strategies for winning Amazon Giveaways as you start playing.

Without any further delay, if you’re wondering where to enter Amazon Giveaways go to Giveaway.City. It’s highly streamlined compared to the others I’ve tried. Be sure to read their FAQ’s to fully understand how it works. I”m not going to repeat it all here. I’m not affiliated with the site in any way nor am I receiving promotional compensation. I’m just another player. I don’t mind giving other deserving sites a free plug. Besides, there are plenty of prizes to go around!

You can always enter Amazon Giveaways at the source, but it doesn’t offer filters. On the upside, you may get first crack at those hard-to-win contests with the lowest odds. I have yet to determine if that strategy works or not. I rarely win those low-odd low-winner contests. I’m never fast enough, but neither is my Internet connection.

The link to enter Amazon Giveaways at the source is – https://www.amazon.com/giveaway Scroll down to ‘Promotion‘. You’ll see ‘View Active Giveaways‘. Click the link while signed into your Amazon account. I tried posting a direct link to the page but it redirects to an Ooops page that lists the same link I tried posting. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s what it does. Just save it on your desktop or home screen and enter as often as possible if you want to use that one.

Thinking of Hosting an Amazon Giveaway Contest?

Thinking of becoming an Amazon Giveaway host? It would be fun! It can be a cheap and effective marketing strategy too. Check out Do Amazon Giveaways Increase Reviews? to find out how hosting can benefit your YouTube channel, increase Amazon sales, and more. If you have products to sell or a YouTube channel, take advantage of the opportunity. Just be sure to follow the rules and you’ll see results.

Have You Won Any Amazon Giveaways?

Now that you know where to enter Amazon Giveaways, keep playing and you’ll eventually win. You might have to enter hundreds before opening a bouncy box at just the right time. When you do, go to my post entitled What Have You Won Entering Amazon Giveaways? Share the good news! Is there something you’ve been trying for that you’d love to win? Scroll down to the bottom and comment here or on the article linked above. You’ll find out what others are winning too!

Want to Increase Your Chances of Winning Amazon Giveaways?

You’d think that instant win contests are mostly luck, right? That isn’t true. Enter at the wrong time and you’ll have absolutely no chance of winning. Read the article entitled Tips for Winning Amazon Giveaway Prizes to greatly increase your odds. You’ll have an advantage over those who mindlessly click the bouncy box. Good luck, and come back and post what you’ve won. 😀


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