Where to Find a Water Trampoline for the Lake

Are you wondering where to find a water trampoline for the lake? Consider a bouncer that’s great for a lake or pond. It’s like having your own waterpark. It’s hard to pull kids (and adults) away from it. The Rave Sports Bongo 15 Bouncer is phenomenal. It’s more than just an inflatable lake toy since it’s a super comfy floating lake lounger too. Consider the details and features of the following sturdy water trampoline. You’ll find out why it’s one of the most durable water trampolines available and why people love it. They wouldn’t offer a lifetime warranty if it wasn’t sturdy. Some say it’s only a bouncer for a lake or pond, but it provides plenty of spring for hopping and jumping on the water.

It’s a Floating Bouncer and Lounger

  • 36″ high
  • 5-step stainless steel ladder
  • Super strong 1000 denier material
  • 28 oz reinforced PVC tube
  • Roomy 81″ square foot bounce surface
  • Weighs 96 pounds
  • Holds 3 adults or 6 kids
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

Where to Find a Water Trampoline for the Lake

RAVE Sports 02012 Bongo 15 Bouncer

View it at AmazonRAVE Sports 02012 Bongo 15 Bouncer

Optional Additions for the Rave Sports 15′ Bouncer

Now that you know where to find a water trampoline for the lake, did you know that you can also get an optional Aqua Slide? Yes, you can! A slide is a must because it makes playing in the water even more exciting. You can also get a an Aqua Log and an Aqua Launch. Be sure to check them out since they greatly expand the fun. Kids want to hop on the moment they see it. The hard part is getting them to do other things! Once they’re on they don’t want to stop bouncing, sliding, and having fun.

Still interested in a water trampoline instead of a bouncer? Take a look at the available options, and find one that suits your needs.


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