Why an Old Dog’s Nose Dries Out

Wondering why an old dog’s nose dries out? With puppies it’s perpetually wet and cold, but as canines age it starts looking a little weathered. What was once a smooth, soft, moist, and a deep shade of black becomes rough, dry, gray, and even a little cracked. Same goes for canines with lighter colored noses. Although physical changes are an indication of age, it isn’t normal if an old dog has a dry crusty nose. It could be something as simple as a lack of moisture or as serious as an autoimmune disease. That’s why it’s important to have regular examinations. When it doubt, take the dog in for a complete physical. If he’s otherwise healthy use the following ways to keep a dog’s nose moist and smooth.

Why a Dog’s Nose is Wet and Cold

Dogs have a tremendous sense of smell, and it’s due in part to moisture both inside and out. Molecules attach to the moist surface and send signals from the nerves to the brain. Since they don’t have sweat glands like humans maintaining a wet nose also regulates body temperature. It’s important to learn how to keep a dog’s nose wet and healthy, especially as they age.

Why an Old Dog’s Nose Dries Out and What You Can Do

  • Provide water all times – a dry nose can indicate dehydration
  • Apply ointment to cure and prevent dry nose in dogs
  • Fish oil chews for dogs to increase omega 3 fatty acids in the diet

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Don’t Withhold Water to Prevent Accidents Why an Old Dog's Nose Dries Out

If your older dog is having bladder issues, provide him with an indoor potty patch or adult dog diapers, and take him out as often as possible. Whatever you do, don’t withhold water in an attempt to control accidents. Thirst is tortuous and dehydration is dangerous. Just as you want to quench your thirst, your dog does too.

A Dry Nose is Painful

Now that you know why an old dog’s nose dries out, take the necessary steps to correct the damage. Maintaining a wet nose is important for dogs since the moisture has valuable purpose. Does a dry nose hurt dogs? When your dog’s nose is dry and cracked it’s very painful. It’s up to you to provide what he needs for good health and comfort. In addition to keeping him hydrated, add fish oil chews to his diet and apply dog nose balm. Whatever you do, don’t use products meant for humans. They can clog the pores and cause more harm than good.



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