Why Do Cats Stand on Their Tail?

Someone asked, why do cats stand on their tail? My adult kitty does it too. It’s a strange cat behavior, but it’s one that can be explained. It’s as if the cat is trying to protect it, but that’s not likely the case. After all, it doesn’t require protection any more than any other appendage. So, why would a cat sit with their front paws on their tail? It’s probably one of two reasons, or maybe it’s both. My kitty was sitting with her front feet on her tail a little while ago. I asked her why, but she just gave me her usual ‘don’t bother me’ look. I had to surmise for myself. If she could talk she would likely say, “Because I can!”

Why Do Cats Stand on Their Tail?

Taming a Tail with a Mind of Its Own

A cat’s tail is an emotional meter as well as a way to achieve perfect balance. They use it like a tightrope walker uses a pole, but it’s also an indicator of the animal’s mood. Unlike dogs, wagging isn’t good. It’s not an unspoken message of happiness or excitement. It’s a sign of annoyance or anger. Sometimes the tail twitches and seems to have a life of its own. Some cats are simply taking control of their twitching tail by standing on it with two paws. Others have another goal in mind.

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Why Do Cats Sit on Their Tails Anyway?

Cats can’t wear slippers, at least not that I’m aware of. My cat wouldn’t put up with footwear, even if I wanted her to wear boots, slippers, or socks. Just like human toes, the pads of their feet can become cold. If you couldn’t wear slippers and had a warm furry tail, what would you do? Cats can easily warm their feet using their own body heat. Their tail is readily available. It’s an attached warmer. They might as well use it! Standing with front paws on her tail warms her bare pads. I think that’s why my cat does it. I almost positive that she’s partly Cornish Rex. Maybe the breed has something to do with it too. Does your cat sit on its tail?


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