Why Did Oysters Double in Price from Last Year?

Why did oysters double in price from last year? They were about $10 a pound, and this year they’re $19.99 at the same store. I didn’t buy them. I’ll have to settle for the cheapest canned oysters that I can find. They’re not nearly as plump or as flavorful, but at least I won’t go broke. I can afford the canned kind, and they’re still good. I’ve been thinking of reasons why oysters are so expensive now, and I’ve come to one conclusion. Hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy them next fall or winter. It’s bad enough to have to pay $10 a pound! I refuse to pay double that amount no matter how scarce they are.

The Likely Cause of High Oyster Prices

After thinking of the possible reasons for higher oyster prices, I remembered the most recent hurricane that hit the Southeastern coast of the US. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing that oyster beds were badly damaged. I don’t think that it’s a shipping issue since fuel prices haven’t gone up. If anything, it costs less than it did a year ago. Supply and demand dictate the cost of all sorts of products. Those who want fresh oysters badly enough are going to have to pay the going rate or settle for the canned kind. Most canned varieties are imported from overseas. What was once food for the poor is now a high-priced delicacy.

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Back to Buying Canned Oysters

I’m surprised that all prices haven’t increased across the board. If oyster beds were badly damaged or completely wiped out, it’s only a matter of time before the price of the canned kind goes up as more people buy them. It won’t double since most are imported, but it will increase as existing stock goes down and demand increases. If you’ve decided to go with canned oysters instead of fresh, the time to buy is right now. I wouldn’t wait, and I wouldn’t buy just a couple of cans either. The cost of fresh oysters is an indicator of a future price increase. I’m not going to wait to find out!



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