Why Do Cats Love Bathrooms?

I’ve often wondered, why do cats love bathrooms? My husband’s kitty patiently waits at the top of the stairs and rushes in as soon as she sees where I’m going. Sometimes she’s already sitting on the counter or I find her curled up in the sink. With felines in the house humans don’t get much privacy! Why do cats follow people into the bathroom? It’s not that exciting, but I have a few theories on why cats like bathrooms. They’re based on what my cat does, what she expects, and how she must view our silly human world.

Cats and Their Silly Pet Humans

My husband’s cat has a bowl of water in the kitchen, and I clean and change it at least once a day, but guess where she drinks? Since my post is about bathrooms you’ve likely guessed correctly. She drinks from the toilet! People think cats are stupid for lapping up water from the most germ-ridden place in the home, but they think we’re the dumb ones. Why? Because we’re defecating and urinating in our water source, and only a clueless human would poop and pee in their watering hole instead of a litter box. Why do cats love bathrooms? They view the toilet as a natural spring and NOT a place to potty.

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It’s Where the Cool Cats Hang Out!

Besides the fact that bathrooms have a magical natural spring, it’s also a place to cool off. If you ever wondered why cats love bathrooms just look at the amenities from their perspective. My cat loves to curl up in the bathroom sink. It’s just the right size and shape, and the ceramic is cool against a thick coat of fur on hot days. Just be sure to close the drain to avoid poking kitty’s ribs!

The Coolest Beds Have… Waterfalls?

The sink makes a phenomenal bed, but that isn’t all. Just above the basin is the coolest waterfall. Cats love cold running water, and the tap provides an endless supply – if kitty can convince their human to magically make it flow. Animals in the wild gather at the watering hole, and it’s no different in a domestic cat’s home. The tap is just one of many reasons why cats like bathrooms. For some it’s a cat magnet!

If you want to break kitty of drinking from the tap, consider a pet fountain. It keeps the water fresher and cleaner than typical bowls, and it’s one of the most effective ways to get cats to drink more water. It’s important since felines are prone to UTI’s, but you can’t keep the tap running 24/7. Besides, the running water would ruin the comfort factor of bathroom sink below.

Why Do Cats Love Bathrooms?

Next time your cat follows you into the bathroom consider all of these reasons. Why do cats like bathrooms? Look at what it offers from a cat’s perspective on life instead of why you use it. He or she doesn’t see the restroom as a place to bathe. That’s what armchairs are for!¬† Kitty doesn’t see it as a place to potty either, unless of course that’s where his litter box is stored. Cats are logical thinkers, and cats love bathrooms for very different reasons than humans.



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