Why Draw Something Users Resign

Wondering why Draw Something users resign? People quit before they ever take a turn, and you can’t help but wonder if it’s something you did or didn’t do.

Maybe it’s your username or a lack of drawing skills, but it could be something else. Quitters have their reasons, and they’re not what you might think!

Why do people quit Draw Something? Here are several possible reasons;

Possible Reasons Why Draw Something Users Resign before Ever Playing

  • They didn’t like your username
  • They didn’t like your profile photo
  • Your guess rate is low – check it by clicking on your profile
  • You don’t have a profile photo
  • Your drawing was bad – one or two colors, no detail, very little effort shown
  • Your drawing was too good – they felt their skills didn’t measure up to yours
  • They couldn’t guess the drawing – they didn’t want to lose a perfect guess rate
  • Some people are quitters!

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You’re Not Necessarily the Reason They’re Quitting, or…

The possible reasons why Draw Something users resign are many, and you may never know. However, keep in mind that it’s not necessarily you!

They may have more opponents than they can handle right now. People request random games with good intentions and end up with way too many. They don’t realize the number of requests they’ll receive until after it happens.

I’ve been playing Draw Something for a few months now, and it’s hard to find good players. I don’t mean people who draw incredibly well. I’m talking about people who consistently take their turn and show genuine effort.

To add insult to injury, just when you think you found a great partner they quit playing too! Some leave you hanging for days, and they don’t respond to nudges. The reasons why users quit Draw Something often defies explanation.

How Do You Add a Draw Something Profile Pic?

You may want to add a profile pic if you don’t already have one. It makes the profile more appealing to other players.

How to add a profile pic on Draw Something –

You have to link the app to Facebook. That’s bad news for those who aren’t on FB, but it’s the only way.

How to Find Good Draw Something Partners

Now that you have a list of possible reasons why Draw Something users quit, work on finding good players instead of giving up.

  • Request random players requesting games
    • Click on the gear icon in the top right corner
    • Click on ‘account’
    • Switch on ‘random game’ setting on at the bottom of the screen
  • Play only those who go first – but then you’ll be resigning!
  • Send game invitations to friends and family instead of setting up games with strangers




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