Why My Shih-Tzu’s Ear Stinks

I found out why my shih-tzu’s ear stinks. It had a yeast smell. The breed is prone to infections because hair grows in the canal, and it keeps on growing. The wax builds up and yeast forms and multiplies. That’s why it’s important to clean and pluck the dog’s ears regularly. You can easily do it yourself, and a prescription cleaning solution isn’t required. Dietary changes may also help. My sister’s beagle had the same issue, but his ear infections weren’t caused by excess fur in the ear canal. The problem was solved with grain-free dog food. It’s a good idea to do both if it’s a recurring issue.

My Dog Could Have Lost His Hearing Why My Shih-Tzu's Ear Stinks

The yeast smell in the dog’s ear wasn’t the worst problem. I worried about my dog’s hearing and whether or not his ears hurt. After the infection was treated and the problem cleared up, I took precautions to prevent it from happening again. I couldn’t afford regular vet visits and prescription medication. Both were very expensive! It’s just something that I’m going to have to do. If I ignore my Shih-Tzu’s ear care he would be in pain, and he could suffer hearing loss. Ear grooming and care is part of his regular care. It isn’t difficult to do. If he didn’t cooperate I would need a couple of extra pairs of hands, a muzzle, and a short leash. It must feel good because he cooperates.

How I Solved My Dog’s Smelly Ear Problem

After I found out why my Shih-Tzu’s ear stinks I had to pluck and clean his ears regularly. I picked up a pair of dog grooming tweezers. No, he doesn’t like it, but it’s necessary. I also bought an ear cleaning kit that contains medication, safety swabs, and wipes. It clears up the problem and prevents recurring ear infections in a Shih-Tzu and other breeds. It stops signs of an ear infection in a Shih-Tzu including head shaking, scratching, rubbing, and the bad odor within three days of treatment. It gets rid of mites and yeast. It’s much cheaper than continual trips to the vet!

Take a look at the following ear cleaning kit for Shih-Tzu’s and other dog breeds that suffer from yeast and mite problems. It can happen to any dog, even mutts, but ear problems in Shih-Tzus are very common.

An Ear Cleaning Kit for Dogs Has Everything You’ll Need

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Why My Shih-Tzu’s Ear Stinks and What I Did to Prevent It

After I had the tools that I needed to clean a shih-tzu’s ears, I asked his groomer a few questions. I wondered if she had ever plucked his ears. She said that she did, but the hair grows back very quickly. That’s why I have to do it in between grooming visits. My dog’s ears have been healthy and odor-free ever since.

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