Why Your Bumbo Seat Has Yellow Stains

Wondering why your Bumbo seat has yellow stains? I bought a used mint green one on LetGo and thought I could scrub off the marks.

It didn’t work…

At first, I figured the previous owner hadn’t bothered to wipe it down, but I couldn’t remove the ugly dirty looking marks. They were just above the leg holes on the inside, just below the arms, and across the back. They were more apparent in natural light and really looked disgusting! It looked dirty no matter how much I scrubbed.

I wondered if it was caused by cigarette smoke, but after searching online I found out why my used Bumbo seat has stains that won’t come off as well as a solution for Bumbo seat discoloration.

That’s just how they end up with age. How disgusting! I didn’t want to use it until I found Bumbo seat covers.

It Looks Super Dirty and the Stains Will Never Come Off!

I couldn’t stand to see it, and that’s why I had to cover it up!

Bumbo B10082 Floor Seat Cover, Green Camouflage

View on AmazonBumbo B10082 Floor Seat Cover, Green Camouflage

Why Your Bumbo Seat is Turning Yellow

Why Your Bumbo Seat Has Yellow Stains
I bought a cover because I hate how dirty it looks!

If you wanted a yellow bumbo seat you would have purchased one, but unfortunately, the discoloration is caused by age. In time all Bumbo seats begin yellowing, and it doesn’t matter if they’re lilac, blue, or some other color.

What to do…

Although the staining doesn’t affect the functionality it looks ugly and dirty no matter how clean it is. I knew my grandson’s Bumbo seat wasn’t dirty but it sure looked like it was!

That’s why I had to find a solution for stains on Bumbo seats. Even though it wasn’t really as filthy as it looked, I didn’t want to use it until it wasn’t discolored and dirty looking. That’s why I bought a couple of covers.

How to Clean a Bumbo Seat

Whether or not you know why your Bumbo seat has yellow stains, start by cleaning the surface with very warm water, a soft cloth, and a mild soap such as Dawn dishwashing liquid.

Harsh cleaners aren’t recommended, even if the yellowing is caused by age. I wish there was a cleaner that would restore the original color, but if the seat is old they’re not going to come off.

Magic erasers, Lysol, and even bleach won’t work, but they will damage the smooth surface and result in additional stains. What can you do for a yellowing Bumbo seat?

A Solution for Ugly Stains on a Bumbo Seat

Now that you know why your Bumbo seat has yellow stains that won’t come off, don’t toss it out. When your Bumbo seat is yellowing you have another option.

I was thrilled to find those fitted Bumbo Seat Covers in various patterns and colors!

Take a look at the limited edition cover posted above. It’s machine washable, fits like a glove, and it hides the ugly yellowing Bumbo seat.

The cover is also soft and comfy.

Do You Have the Bumbo Seat Tray?

Bumbo Play Tray - Feeding Tray and Play Surface for Bumbo Floor Seat

View at AmazonBumbo Play Tray – Feeding Tray and Play Surface for Bumbo Floor Seat

The tray is great for feeding and playing, and it helps stabilize babies still learning to sit. After having the tray I wouldn’t go back to using the seat without one. I recently discovered more!

Expand the versatility of your baby’s Bumbo seat…

Did you know you can get toys especially for the Bumbo seat tray? Consider the Bumbo Playtop Safari Activity Center to give your little one more to do. It has a cup holder and several colorful and fun activities.

How Does the Bumbo Seat Activity Center Attach?

The activity center attaches with strong suction cups, and it’s not limited to the Bumbo seat tray. It also attaches to other smooth surfaces.¬†Other suction toys will also attach to the tray. Be sure to take a quick look!

It’s nice to have options for trays, toys, and washable covers. My grandson loves his Bumbo seat, tray, and toys, and with the cover, it looks great!


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