Why Your Cat is Peeing Next to the Litter Box

Wondering why your cat is peeing next to the litter box, even when it’s clean? If you didn’t see him do it chances are the pan leaks. It doesn’t have to be cracked or broken either. Unfortunately, most covered boxes aren’t designed to be leak proof. The liquid runs out where the top and bottom meet or where they latch. It just seems as if kitty is going outside of the pan. Both male and female cats will raise up while urinating. I was finding puddles of pee under the cat litter box, and before I figured out how it happened I tried everything from keeping it spotless to adding less litter. Little did I know that leak proof litter boxes had to be seamless.

If Your Cat is Peeing Next to the Litter Box –

You really need to see kitty peeing on the floor to be certain that your litter box isn’t leaking. As I said, it doesn’t have to be cracked or old. The pee runs out between the lid and the pan or through the latches. These areas aren’t sealed. I know about it first hand because it happened to me. If you still need to know why your cat is peeing next to the litter box scroll down for possible reasons and solutions.

Only One Style Won’t Ever Leak

Just because a cat litter box is covered and super deep doesn’t mean that it won’t leak. I wouldn’t waste my money on a basic covered pan again. Anything with a separate top and bottom that join near the center can leak when the cat urinates.

Some cats have a major case of elevator butt. Too bad we can’t reason with our cats and explain why they must squat!

After trying three different top-quality ordinary covered litter boxes and still dealing with leaks, I finally went with the seamless kind below. It wasn’t any more expensive, and it solved a very smelly and messy problem. You need to go with a top entry litter box or another seamless kind before the floor is ruined!

What Makes it Different?

It’s Antimicrobial and Has a Ridged and Textured Lid That Catches Loose Litter

Petmate Arm & Hammer Top Entry Litter Pan

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What If Kitty Really is Peeing on the Floor?

If you still need to know why your cat is peeing next to the litter box, consider these possible reasons and solutions. First and foremost, kitty isn’t trying to make you mad or seek revenge. Cats have real reasons for inappropriate urination. They may not make sense to you, but they make purrfect sense to kitty!

  • Kitty may have a UTI – some associate the litter box with pain and go just beyond it
  • Check the cat’s feet and nails for injuries or sores
  • Are you keeping the pan clean enough? It may be time for a new litter box if odors are ever-present
  • Use an enzyme cat urine cleaner¬†to completely get rid of the smell
  • If you have multiple cats you need at least one more pan
  • Don’t give up on your kitty!
  • Try cat attractant litter to draw kitty back to the pan after solving the problem

Next time you clean your litter box stick around for a few minutes. A clean litter box is like a magnet to cats. If you must figure it out, bring the kitty into the room and encourage him to use the pan. You’ll see if your cat is peeing next to the litter box. Nine times out of ten the pan is leaking through the seams, and until you catch him in the act you can’t assume anything.

For more information visit the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine website article entitled Feline Behavior Problems: House Soiling.

In any case, don’t stop trying to solve the problem. In most cases, it’s as simple as treating a UTI and/or switching to a seamless litter box. Just because you found urine on the floor doesn’t mean that kitty didn’t go in the box. Like I said, they’re notorious for leaks because they aren’t designed for high-peeing cats.


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