Will There Ever Be a Prime Week?

I was wondering, will there ever be a Prime Week? Officially expanding the event from 24 to 30 hours was a phenomenal move, but I’d love to see Prime Day sales run longer. Having a shorter number of hours snags more shoppers at once, but it could be even more exciting and profitable as sales ramp up. It could go from a shopping holiday to a week long shopping fair! What do you think?

I’m going to list why I think Prime Week would work. It seems that Amazon is experimenting by offering extended Prime Day hours. Maybe someday it will happen. Will I receive credit for the idea? I’m just a small freelance writer and Amazon associate. I’ve been writing and publishing SEO content for 12 years, and I’d love to see my efforts pay off. I never stop feeling as if something greater lies just around the corner. That’s why I never stop thinking, writing, and coming up with new ideas. I’d love to see opportunities grow for both sales associates, sellers, and the shopping public. Will there ever be an official Prime Week?

Prime Week Benefits

  • More time to shop – not everyone can shop during the allotted (shorter) hours
  • Deeper discounts could pop-up at any given time all week long
  • More time for sellers to draw attention to their products
  • Amazon sellers could host promotional contests throughout the week using Amazon Giveaways

Do Amazon Giveaways Increase Reviews?

No, daily sales wouldn’t likely meet or exceed current Prime Day sales, but a week-long event surely would. Sales would surpass Cyber Monday and Black Friday in the brick and mortar world. Maybe the next step is Cyber Week! Why limit the start of holiday shopping to a single day? Countless people already prefer shopping from home. Give them more opportunities to find what they want at the lowest possible price.

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Will There Ever Be a Prime Week – or Not?

I think Prime Week is coming. It may not happen next year or even the year after, but it makes sense. It’s like adding extra whipped cream and sprinkles to a delicious ice cream sundae. More is better when it comes to sales opportunities for all concerned. What do you say, Jeff Bezos?

Will There Ever Be a Prime Week?

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