Will My Dog Think I’m Abandoning Him Forever?

Will my dog think I’m abandoning him forever when I leave him at the vet’s office for boarding? It will break my heart to walk away –

I’m planning on visiting my two youngest sons in Alabama over the coming holiday, and instead of having my oldest son care for my dog, I’m having him boarded at the vet’s office. My oldest son works long hours and my dog wouldn’t receive the care and attention he needs at home. I’ve never had my dog boarded before. I’m not worried about his care. I’m more worried about his comfort. The people at the vet’s office are wonderful loving people. Will my dog think I’m abandoning him forever when I leave the vet’s office? I certainly hope not! I know that he’ll be in a cage most of the time, and that’s what bothers me the most.

The Thought of…

I’m going to feel terrible when I leave him at the vet’s office on Friday. I’ll likely cry all of the way home. I’ve been very emotional lately, and leaving my dog at his least favorite place isn’t going to make me feel good at all. I’ll likely think of him often while I’m gone. How am I going to have fun? While I’m supposed to be enjoying myself I’m going to continually ask the same silly question. Will my dog think I’m abandoning him forever at the vet’s office? I sure hope not!

My dog will be caged most of the time at the vet’s office, but it’s for his safety. He’ll be okay, but it won’t be the most comfortable situation for him. I wish I knew someone that could watch him in their home, but I don’t. I doubt if my dog will get much exercise at the vet’s office, but it’s only for a week! I’m going to buy him a few new toys and a new collar and lease and step up our walks. Leaving makes me realize that he deserves much more attention than he receives.

Will my dog think I’m abandoning him forever when I walk away? I think the dogs feel more comfortable when boarded in a home or a personal boarding facility, but that isn’t always possible. My dog isn’t happy at the vet’s, and for very good reason. It would be like you or I staying in a hospital instead of a hotel! That’s a sad thought. On the other hand, he will be staying at the safest place possible. Should he have a medical emergency, he will receive immediate professional medical care.

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Will My Dog Go Hungry at the Vet’s?

Hopefully my dog becomes accustomed to his temporary living quarters as quickly as possible. I’m also hoping that he eats and doesn’t starve himself while I’m gone. I suppose that he’ll eat when he’s hungry and drink when he’s thirsty. He won’t starve to death. I’m sure that he’ll be provided with food and a comfortable dog crate pad. I know they try to make it as comfortable as possible. I hope he knows I’ll be coming back since he’s part of my pack. Will my dog think I’m abandoning him forever at the vet’s office? When I turn and walk away he won’t know for sure, but God willing, I’ll be back to get him.

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I’m going to order a few  new dog toys while I’m gone. I feel the need to make it up to him. A dog has very few possessions in life and they don’t expect anything. That’s why I love dogs so much! Unlike humans they’re easy to please. He thinks that his ball was the greatest invention ever. At least it is to him.

Will My Dog Think That I’m Abandoning Him Forever or Not?

I’m going to send an old t-shirt that I’ve worn to provide the comfort of my scent. It won’t be all sweaty or smelly either, just in case you were wondering. It will likely have the faint scent of my usual deodorant and cologne. I’m also sending him with a couple of his favorite toys. That way he’ll have familiar items to make him feel more at home. Maybe he’ll even play with the toys, or maybe he’ll bark out of nervousness the entire time. I’m sure that he’ll be fine, but I’m sure going to miss him while I’m gone. In reality, I’ll likely miss him more than he’ll miss me!

I’ll be back, buddy… I’ll be back.



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3 thoughts on “Will My Dog Think I’m Abandoning Him Forever?

  • September 9, 2015 at 4:01 AM

    such a cute pup. I heard that dog hotel aren’t cheap either. Don’t worry, your pup will be looking forward to you

  • September 3, 2015 at 8:57 AM

    Your dog looks a lot like the one I had once. She always seemed to know when we were going away and would go and hide all day until we left. Then when we returned she was so excited and would jump all over us. She was lucky she only ever had to stay with my son when we went on holidays.
    Best of luck with yours. I’m sure your dog wont think you are abandoning him forever. Dogs seem to live in the moment only.

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