What Have You Won Entering Amazon Giveaways?

What have you won entering Amazon Giveaways? Anything good? I’ve snagged several nice prizes over the past several months. I started playing in February, 2016. I stopped playing for awhile but recently started again. All that it took was one little win. Some say they never win, but most give up too soon. Yes, it can become boring but I don’t sit around and play all day. I click the bouncy box in between blog posts, during breaks, and while TV commercials are on. I’ve played every giveaway posted and didn’t win for days, but I didn’t give up or get upset. Considering the odds, a person is far more likely to win an Amazon Giveaway than a scratch-off ticket or a lottery jackpot. At least it doesn’t cost anything but your time.

Some of the Amazon Giveaway Prizes I’ve Won –

Back to my original question and the reason for this post. What have you won entering Amazon Giveaways? Are you just getting started, or have you snagged at least one bouncy box prize? I save all of my Amazon Giveaway prize emails, and I decided to share some here. The list starts with my most recent win – as if the date of my post. I’ve posted links to a few of my favorite prizes. Be sure to check them out! Some items I won’t use, but they’ll make fantastic gifts for others.

What Have You Won Entering Amazon Giveaways?
These are just some of the prizes I’ve won on Amazon Giveaways

I didn’t realize I had won 35 prizes until I compiled the following list. Be sure to read my comment in response to someone that said it’s because I wrote this blog post. Ha! If only it were that easy! I can assure you I didn’t win because I wrote on the topic. If it were that simple I’d write about the state lottery! 😉 It’s not to brag or to convince others that it’s easy to win either. I’m not special to Amazon – believe me. It’s NOT easy to win these contests. I have to try countless times in between wins, but I’m not spending time on Facebook or Instagram. Amazon Giveaway is my favorite go-to activity in between working on my site and taking care of my home and family. 

Some of my Amazon Giveaway Wins –
Have You Won Entering Amazon Giveaways?

  • Kaisi 16-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set
  • Consumer Associates Pour Over Coffee Maker Thermal Travel Mug
  • LERDU Women’s Ombre Three-quarter Tights Capri Yoga Sport Workout Leggings Pants
  • Maerble Tape Measure
  • Where I Have Been and Where I Am Now: A Collection of Thoughts – Book
  • LightsEtc Tactical LED Flashlight
  • 8 Pcs Keurig Reusable K Cup 2.0 filter – 8 rainbow Color
  • Finger Ring Stand by Tear Ring, Phone Ring Cell Phone Stand 360
  • u-Box Red Door Central Console Lock Switch Cover Trim for 2011-2017 Jeep Wrangler
  • Vatos Vr Park V2 Virtual Reality 3d Glasses
  • DisplayPort to VGA Adapter
  • Thunderbolt to HDMI 15 ft Cable for Video PC or Monitor
  • Mika’s Baby Sling Carrier For Infant, Toddler Baby Wrap
  • iPhone 7 Plus Clear Case, Rugged Protection Cover and [Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Swiss Army knife Style 3 in 1 USB Data Cable Sync Charger Cable
  • Pro Packing Cubes | Large Packing Cube |Ultra Lightweight Luggage Organizer
  • QwenchPure 6 inch Stainless Steel Rainfall Showerhead
  • Car Mount,Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder
  • Ingear Long Mesh Maxi Dress
  • Fast wireless charger FIRSTWAY QC2.0 wireless fast charging pad
  • Omega 3 Dry Eye Supplement by Eye Love
  • Towond 20oz/600ml Sports Outdoors Water Bottle
  • Genuine Leather iPad Pro 9.7 Case – Bear Motion
  • Skyjo Game
  • BBQ Grill and Baking Nonstick Mat
  • DR JK- Original ToePal, Comprehensive Toe Separators Kit
  • The Longest Mile: A Doctor, a Food Fight, and the Footrace that Rallied a Community Against Cancer – Book
  • Six Celestial Swords (Celestial Empire) – Book
  • Life Sliding – Book
  • Rayne: Luminescence (Rayne Trilogy) (Volume 1)
  • Loving the Chase (Heart of the Storm) –  Book
  • Modern Brides & Modern Grooms: A Guide to Planning Straight, Gay, and Other Nontraditional Twenty-First-Century Weddings – Book
  • 925 Sterling Silver Mini White Diamond Cat Earrings
  • Sports Research Vitamin K2 (MK7) with Organic Coconut Oil and MenaQ7
  • Jinvun vintage compact mirror (posted below)

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Amazon Giveaway Prizes?

What Have You Won Entering Amazon Giveaways?

My Favorite Prize So Far is Absolutely Beautiful –

Wedding Gift Vintage Silver Compact Round Purse Folding Women's Makeup Mirror – Unique Retro Swan Design, Double-Sided With Magnifying & Regular Mirror, Elegant & Chic Antique Pocket MirrorView It – Wedding Gift Vintage Silver Compact Round Purse Folding Women’s Makeup Mirror – Unique Retro Swan Design, Double-Sided With Magnifying & Regular Mirror, Elegant & Chic Antique Pocket Mirror

What Have You Won Entering Amazon Giveaways? Scroll Down to Leave a Comment –

If you haven’t won anything on Amazon Giveaways, please don’t give up. I don’t consider myself lucky because I don’t believe in luck – good or bad. I play a lot! Consider my tips for winning Amazon Giveaways in an upcoming post. You have to keep trying! Give up and you’ll never win.

*New PostTips for Winning Amazon Giveaway Prizes

What happens when you win an Amazon Giveaway? First you’ll be surprised by a burst of colorful confetti. The prize will appear in the center under a congratulations message. I never expect to win, but I’m proof it happens and I’m always surprised. If you’ve won something, what have you won entering Amazon Giveaways? Feel free to list your wins in the comment section.

Thinking about Hosting an Amazon Giveaway?

Have you thought about hosting an Amazon Giveaway? Check out the article entitled, Do Amazon Giveaways Increase Reviews? Contests are an effective form of advertising. If you’re an Amazon seller, a YouTuber, a website owner, or just someone feeling generous, it’s as fun to host as it is to play.

8 Replies to “What Have You Won Entering Amazon Giveaways?”

  1. I’ve been playing for roughly ten months and have won 412 prizes to date (not including kindle ebooks.)
    Like Kim said, the proof is in how much time you really want to spend and how you strategize.

  2. I absolutely LOVE amazon giveaway! Though I haven’t played in a while due to being busy, I can say that I have won! For example, after a day or two of playing constantly, I won a baby mirror for the car! More people should definitely give this a chance. It’s so much fun!

  3. That this is garage, Amazon somehow allowed you to win only because you wrote about it. I’ve tried hundreds of times and still haven’t won anything. Are you sharing your multiple win items…. Doubt it!

    • If that’s how it works I should write about playing Powerball. I wish that were true, Talyn. I’m sure it’s completely random. If it was that easy others would write about it and start winning too. I’m no one special. You have no idea how often I play.

      I have a medical condition that keeps me up half the night. Playing Amazon Giveaways is something I do to fill the time – something I enjoy. Writing also fills my time.

      Look at it like this… if the odds are one in two thousand, the likelihood of winning after playing even a few hundred times isn’t very good. You have to try thousands of times before winning just once – unless you happen to hit it at just the right time. It takes me thousands of plays to win one prize. My purpose for writing this wasn’t to brag or to mislead people. It’s to let others know not to give up if they have time to play.

      I’ve been playing since Feb 2016 – more than a year, and just before writing this I started trying a whole lot harder. Why? I have to try harder because I’m a disabled person that has to work from home. My prizes will be Christmas presents. That’s what drives me to play as often as possible.

      • You have a funny way with your words. I did not mean to offend you. I can relate to disabilities as I have a few myself. Thanks for the “rooting on spirit”.

        • No I didn’t but I will, one of my disabilities is environmental illness or MCS so I get scattered brain a lot I try to stay in “the now” but I am still learning about what triggers me. I have already tried and will continue, I like to pay it fwd as much as I can so of course when it comes back (I don’t do it for that reason at all) I’m so lol thrilled and honestly it makes me feel good and it brightens my day actually. So I’ll keep trying and low and behold if I actually win Kimberly you’ll be the first to know! Thanks.

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